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Vintage Newspapers

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At Great experiences we have access to the largest stock of real vintage newspapers in the UK. The newspapers are original and authentic vintage newspapers dating back to 1685.

Using our stock checker you can select from any date and we will list all the titles of the various vintage newspapers for that date we have in stock. Once you’ve selected the date you are looking for and chosen the title you are after, we then give you the option of various gift packs or just the vintage newspaper.

From just £23.99

People buy these as gifts or just for general interest. We offer the option of a certificate of authenticity to prove the paper is real. If we do not have stock of the date/ newspaper you are after then we can offer you the option of a re-print at a reduced cost.

The vintage newspapers are a great gift to celebrate anyones anniversary from weddings to birthdays. In fact giving an actual newspaper printed on the day some one was born is a great and unique gift.

Don’t take our view of it. Read our online reviews : and see what our customers think of it.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our vintage newspapers, it’s from a vintage daily telegraph newspaper in 1944:-

“Hope and Apprehension – Europe throbs with the aching of 500,000,000 hearts. Homeless and hungry, countless families across the continent are spending Easter in hope and apprehension of the final convulsion of this bitter war. In Britain we are more fortunate. Yet we too know the haunting shadow of an uncertain future. It darkens our Home and industries. We long for some assurance that after the sorrow and sacrifice are over a happier age will be born. Can Easter bring a new factor of hope to mend a broken world? For men and nations this can be a week-end of destiny. As on the first Easter week-end, men can encounter a superforce powerful enough to transform nations and lift the pall of human misery from the face of the earth.”

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