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The Times Birthday Newspaper

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We have the largest archive of original authentic Times newspapers that make a perfect birthday gift. These are geniune originals and our archive dates back to 1685.

Birthday newspapers from just £23.99

These are great gifts that are very unique. We present the newspaper in various options of gifts backs to suit the recipient. Perfect as a birthday present. The term ‘birthday newspapers’ was created to mean a newspaper from the day someone was born.

Although our newspapers are used in many different gift situations, such as wedding presents etc. As they are genuine original newspapers we can provide them with a certificate of authority to prove that it’s a genuine birthday newspaper.

They really surprise the individual, as they are amazed that you were able to source a genuine newspaper from the date of their birthday. Considering that could be over 100 years ago!

These newspapers are not just pointless trophy presents. They show a great insight into the time around the date they were born.

Here’s an excerpt from the Times Newspaper dated 1943:-

“1943 Offensive – Comparisons between the last war and the present conflict are inevitable, even if they arte not always accurate, thy there is no escaping the significance of the parallel between today’s great news and the formation of the supreme council of the Allies in 1917. Unification of strategy was unquestionably the main cause of our victory in 1918. IF now we can see victory ahead it is because for the first time we have full confidence that the blows which the United Nations can inflict upon the Axis….”

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