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The Sun Birthday Newspaper

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The Sun birthday newspapers make a unique gift and go back to 1685. These newspapers are geniune newspapers and not re-prints.

Birthday newspapers from just £23.99

The sun newspapers was first published in 1964 and we have copies going all the way back to this date. They make great presents for a birthday. Before Rupert Merdoch owned the paper, it was owned by IPC. We have newspapers from both eras.

It makes a great birthday present as it is extremely interesting for the receipient to see what were the topics from the date of their birth, but also a very unique and special gift as our birthday newspapers are genuine originals and not re-prints.

With fascinating articles and adverts that are great to look back on. We can provide the newspaper in a variety of gifts boxes from Just the newspaper in a protective covering, through to beautiful wooden gift box.

Remember these newspapers are genuine originals and can come with a certificate of authenticity to prove it’s genuine. While we have dates going all the way back, we don’t have a limitless supply, so be quick to secure the date you are after.

Here’s a glimpsed inside with an article from 1953:-

“In America they believe in canned food and canned entertainment. I am apprehensive about both – especially about the latest scientific marvel which can record and “film” a television programme whilst you are out at the movies. When you get back, you just press the replay button and there’s the Milton Beries or Lucille Ball, electronically reproduces for your pleasure and convenience. I must admit that there is a fascination about these gadgets. But where does all this lead? With this latest invention, the private cinema will soon become an essential household article in an America home…”

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