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Guardian Birthday Newspaper

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Our Guardian birthday make a unique gift and go back to 1685. These newspapers are geniune newspapers and not re-prints.

Birthday newspapers from just £23.99

You can choose between various gift packs to suit your budget. Ranging from just the paper to a gorgeous wooden presentation box.

We have many different titles of newspapers other than the guardian newspaper. However you can choose from almost all dates that this paper was published. However we do not have a limitless stock of these papers so don’t wait to get the date you want. Remember these are genuine originals.

They make a genuinely interesting and unique gift. The receipted will be amazed that you were able to source such a rare treasure. It’s an interesting experience to read what were the topics of the day when you were born.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our birthday newspapers:-

“Government control versus Private Enterprise – Problem which occupies the minds of many thousands of industrial workers today is that of the position of industries after the war. “Should the industries of the country revert to private enterprise or should the government keep control?

There is no doubt that there are many who, now enjoying better wages and generally better conditions of employment under the present government control make a bee-line for such control as being the only means of maintaining their present gift level of wages etc, in the post-war period. But! Have they, before coming to such as decision, given the question full thought and the consideration it surely deserves? The main issue, and the only one on which a decision can be fairly and honestly arrived at,….”

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