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Daily Mirror Birthday Newspaper

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Our Daily Mirror birthday newspapers make a unique gift and go back to 1685. These newspapers are geniune newspapers and not re-prints.

Birthday newspapers from just £23.99

We have dates all the way back to it’s foundation in 1903. Remember our papers are originals and not re-prints. People are astounded when they receive one of our papers for their birthday as they cannot believe how you would have sourced such as thing.

We also provide various gift pack options to make the present that extra bit special. From a gift box through to a gorgeous wooden gift box. They can come with a certificate of authenticity too to prove that it’s an official original paper.

People also do not realise how interesting these titles are. Here’s an excerpt from a daily mirror newspaper from 1919. It’s from a fascinating article about a letter from our Prime minister of the day Lloyd George, appealing to the United States (some things never change)

“…What cutting down means. Economy meant the cutting down of unproductive and unnecessary expenditure. The cutting down of reproductive expenditure was sham economy. In housing, in schemes for developing the resource of the country, in transport , agriculture and education they would impoverish, not enrich the country, by cutting own what was productive. In his trying talk the Prime minister needed all of the help his fellow – countryman could give him. He was driving along the road the other day when he came to a hill, where there was a notice board—“Please slacken the reins in going up hill.! He thought, “Well, I wish they would treat ministers as they treat horses”….”

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