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Birthday Newspapers

A unique gift that is memorable and thoroughly interesting at the same time! We have access to the largest stock of birthday newspapers that are original newspapers printed on the exact date of someone’s birthday.

The idea is you find a newspaper on our site for the date of their birth. You can choose from multiple titles as well. Select your desired gift packing option.

From just £23.99

The recipient will then receive the paper complete with a certificate of authenticity and they can read the culture and headlines from the day they were born. It’s fascinating and they will be wondering how on earth you managed to get an actual paper printed on the date of their birth!

As they are original newspapers they are actual antiques. Keep them safe and over the years they could even increase in value. Some of these newspapers are from dates where something significant happened. For example the sinking of the Titanic or D-Day etc.

It’s a great way of comparing the culture and articles of today to those of many years gone by. Even the adverts are interesting from these old papers, they are great to read. It’ll even transport the person whose birthday it is back to those times so they can reminisce about life many years ago.

We’ve been selling these as gifts for over 10years and constantly have people raving about them. Just read our online reviews for our newspapers

Which Paper? The Times is the oldest paper we have in stock. The early versions were very text heavy and in small columns. Announcements used to feature heavily rather than the style of news that we are used to today, but then the recipient can see who else’s birthday is in the newspaper! The Sun newspapers are more in line with what you’d expect from today’s papers, with imagery and more newsworthy content. Don’t discount the more unusual titles as they may be lesser known, but they can be equally as interesting.

It’s important to note that all our newspapers are completely original and are not re-prints. If on the rare occasion we don’t have stock left of a particular paper on particular date, then we do offer a re-print service and these are offered at a reduced rate. But you will have to specifically choose this type of birthday newspaper as we pride ourselves on our papers being 100% authentic.

Listed below are some of the different titles we offer:
the times birthday newspapers

The Times Birthday Newspapers

telegraph birthday newspapers

The Telegraph Birthday Newspapers

guardian birthday newspapers

Guardian Birthday Newspapers

daily Mirror birthday newspapers

Daily Mirror Birthday Newspapers

the sun birthday newspapers

The Sun Birthday Newspapers

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