The start of a great season

What a great start to this season. It’s very open this year. Red Bull are strong, but so is Ferrari and Mercedes. The silver arrows seem to have the edge in qualifying but unable to translate that in the race.

The big difference this year seems to be Ferrari starting strong. Remember last year, they didn’t start that well, yet Fernando ended up being pipped to the post at the last race.

There’s lots of talk about tyres this year. They are indeed dictating the pace of the race, but going back through many years that’s often been the case. It’s also unfair to land this at Pirelli’s doorstep as they’ve done exactly what has been asked of them. Create a tyre that spices up the racing. And as per the last race in Bahrain they are definitely doing that.

I really am looking forward to the rest of the year, as I know all the guys at Great experiences are too! Speak soon.


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